• Alexej Popow - Popow-Orchids, Germany

  • Steve Hampson - Santa Ana, California
"Wild Orchids in China"

Steve grew up in New York and was educated at the University of Delaware and then received a Masters degree in Horticulture at Penn State. After a stint running an apple orchard and plant nursery in   Pennsylvania, he settled in Southern California.
He is senior horticulturist at the famed Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach where he is a well known and popular lecturer. He has a reputation for being very knowledgeable on sweet peas, water lilies, dahlias and daffodils as well as orchids. He is very fond of the pleurothallid alliance and grows a large collection of those species.
Steve travels extensively looking at flowers in the wild. In his talk here, he will recount two recent trips to China, one to Yunnan and the other to Sichuan, looking for slipper orchids and other species.

  • Theresa Hill - Hillsview Gardens, Mulino, Oregon
Theresa Hill is a partner in Hillsview Gardens, growers of fine quality Paphiopedilums.

Hillsview Gardens supplies a wide variety of hybrids and species – from connoisseur-quality divisions and specimen plants for discriminating hobbyists, cutting-edge hybrids in wholesale quantities for retail nurseries, and outstanding decorator quality plants to chain stores in Portland, Oregon.
Hillsview Gardens has been breeding orchids for 34 years since the operation began in 1985, and since that time received over 100 AOS awards, including five FCC/AOS, a Gold Certificate, seven Awards of Quality and a Bronze Award at the 16th World Orchid Conference in Vancouver, BC.

  • Jason Fischer - Orchids Limited, Plymouth, Minnesota
Jason will cover all stages of the life cycle of phragmipedium — from pollination to blooming — and how plants are cultivated at Orchids Ltd. 

  • Jurahame Leyva - The OrchidFix, Kurtistown, Hawaii
A little about me- 
I have the distinction of quite possibly being the youngest commercial orchid nurseryman in business- all thanks to a healthy head start. I have been growing orchids since I was 5 years old; the last 6 commercially. I own and operate The OrchidFix Nursery- where I specialize in species and novelty hybrids. I have a particular interest in line breeding select species and introducing otherwise unknown Orchidacea species to broader cultivation within the hobby community. To this end, I maintain over 1,200 stud plants of various genera; a good deal of which would be considered “specimen” sized.